Wild Geese in the Delta of river Neman Pitt Reitmaier

Biking Tour - one week - a proposition:
Curonian Lagoon, Delta of river Neman (Memel) and Lake Plateliai
by bike, boat and bus


1. Day

city tour

2. Day

Curonian Lagoon; Klaipeda - Nida
to Juodkrante by bus. From there over the old post-road by bike, passing by the "Dead Dunes"

3. Day

Nida - River Neman
learning to know Nida - a visit to Thomas Mann' house
by boat over the Curonian Lagoon to Minija, staying overnight in Hotel Kinai in the very heart of the delta

4. Day

Joses Ventes Ragas - Plunge
a visit to the Ornithologial Station and Institute. Piquenique at Joses Ventes Ragas - Piekule
by bus to Plunge, staying in Plunge

5. Day

Zemaitijos national Parque
Plunge-Plateilei by bus, circling the lake by bike including a visit to the former nuclear missile base
by bus back to Klaipeda

6. Day

leasure time
  Updated: 29.08.2005