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Travelling in Lithuania

Lithuania is a rich country, rich in its variety of landscapes, forests, picturesque coastlines, lakes, lagoons, historical cities and villages and a by being a melting pot of nations through centuries.

And high above all laughs a Nordic sky - the very reason for the homesickness of so many Lithuanian emigrants all over the world.

As manyfold as the country and its people are the ways to discover them:

By bike:

The most rewarding and relaxing way of travelling in the Baltic states is probably by bike. There are so many tracks and small roads in the planes and slightly hilly landscapes. Every year, many bikers come to our house, knowing us as experienced and dedicated bikers ourselves. 

People arriving in their own cars may prefer to bring along their own bikes or rent some from us.

For groups of up to 15 participants, cousins of Antanas offer guided bike tours. They frequently combine biking with traveling by boat in the delta of river Memel and over the Curonian Lagoon.
From the endless range of possible tours we have selected proposals for one and for two weeks that may give you some hints and incentives in your planning.

  6 Day Tour on the Curonian Lagoon and in the Memel Delta by bike, boat and bus.
 12 Day Tour to the most beautiful landscapes and towns in the Baltic states.
  several One-Day-Trips, in part by bike from Klaipeda, in part starting to bike
                                  after a short ride by car. Klaipeda offers a vast variety of outings and one-day-trips.

By car or motorbike

The metwork of roads and highways is comparatively well developed. The East-West highway allows cruising at high speed. Smaller roads are not tarred, inviting for a slow pace.
Along the roads, there is a variety of hotels, BandB and restaurants.
Camping sites are used mainly by bikers and kayak tourists and simpler than in central Europe. There are many efforts to improve hygienic standards in the next few years.

by Public Transport

Trains, busses and an armada of mini-busses reach all towns and even the remotest of villages in the Baltic States. Backpackers know them as an economic and reliable way of transport.
Our house is 10 min of walk from the Central Station and we can bring and fetch you by car as well.

   Updated: 29.08.2005